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Friday, March 29, 2013 | 0 Thoughts

Last Friday, I was invited to deliver a challenge speech to the recipients of academic awards back where I spent my grade school and high school years. It was absolutely delightful to see the teachers and students, and to have been given the opportunity to inspire the youth.

What made it very special was being able to catch up with my best friend. I'm very thankful for that event.

The following day, we attended a friend's graduation at the same school. Afterwards, we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at his house.

March 24th was the day our family had been anticipating for. We went to the airport to welcome my aunt and my little cousin Riki for their vacation in the country. It was an incredibly rewarding moment when Riki held my hand on our way to a fast food for some late dinner.

I'm hoping everyone's doing great! May we all have a solemn Holy Week.

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