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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 | 0 Thoughts

Parties are really something I undoubtedly enjoy, especially if the celebrant is a close friend of mine. Last Sunday, we went to Muntinlupa City to attend the debut of a creative and cheerful lady. The trip to Ai-chan's house took us roughly two hours; I was certainly surprised that we easily reached the destination, given its distance from our humble abode. (We live in the north, while Muntinlupa is somewhere in the south.)

Before the festivity started, we were gathered upstairs watching some precious videos while the debutante was getting her hair prepped for the big event. Her room is really cute, and there were plenty of things we (a common friend--Ms. Marin--and I) found around it that made us giggle.

The time came and we were all in awe as we watched the aspiring architect walk down the stairs in her flowing green dress. "Eighteen Roses" came first, and the "Eighteen Candles" quickly followed. Right after, the dinner ensued, and I must say that the buffet was great! I took fancy in coating my marshmallows with chocolate dripping from the fountain for dessert.

After the meal, we were invited to watch a video prepared by the celebrant's cousins which showcased photos from her toddler years to present. Ai-chan's really cute--even as a baby! What followed was the "Eighteen Songs"--a portion entirely new to all of us; the person behind this idea is the brilliant Ms. Nin (another common friend)!

Originally, Ai-chan had requested a specific song, but since I wasn't able to prepare for that one, I compensated for it by performing two songs instead--the first was my English fandub of one of the recent songs by the Japanese group we all (the debutante, Ms. Marin, and Ms. Nin) like; the other was an older track by the same artist.

We received a lovely glass statuette with a faint green glass slipper inside, and cupcakes in a snow globe-shaped containers as souvenirs! Again, happy coming of age, my dear Ai-chan!

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