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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | 0 Thoughts

The pinnacle of the otome dining experience is the butler cafe. Here, male attendants cater to the maiden's dining needs in the most pristine and elegant way possible.

Swallowtail Butler Cafe in Ikebukuro is the first and longest-running dining location of its kind. It is widely-acclaimed not only for its unique theme, but mainly for the restaurant's interior, food, and service. As many guests frequent the aforementioned, making an online reservation is required ahead of time.

Our visit was wholly a fascinating one. A butler stood in front of the stylish door, waiting for our arrival with a smile. He then introduced us to a petite footman, Touya, who would be assisting us during our stay.

Walking along the hall toward the vast dining area, one can admire the warm colors, aristocratic decorations and the smooth movements of the butlers across the room. A course meal is available for dinner; however, their best-selling tea sets are appropriate for an afternoon snack.

I enjoyed a two-tiered set, which also came with the dessert plate of choice and a pot of freshly-brewed tea. The charming Touya and his fellow footmen were all exceedingly attentive and courteous. We had a couple of short talks as he changed the plates and poured some more tea.

What adds to the cafe's abounding popularity is their opera troupe, 執事歌劇団 (Shitsuji Kagekidan - Butlers Operetta), which holds musicals and events outside the restaurant every so often. The unit, Tact, composed of three of the members of the troupe also perform at their own live concerts, singing about the rigorous life of a butler, and of their heartfelt adoration for the 'ojousama' (noble lady).

I believe that every woman deserves cupfuls of afternoon tea at Swallowtail.♪

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