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Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 0 Thoughts

Full-length female-oriented games are either visual novels or RPGs. Among shorter variations is dating simulation and its plot is centered on the protagonist's search for a mate.

Title: Other Age
Developer: Zeiva Inc.
Platform: PC (Mac, Linux, Windows)
Style: Dating sim, visual novel
Playthrough: 1-2 hours
Cost: Free

On the princess' 16th birthday, Green Mage Nitarou creates a machine which can summon the man that best suits the heiress based on a few questions that reflect her ideal type. Once he appears, the princess can choose where to have a date with him. For the relationship to be a success, they must surpass a challenging mini-game to test if they are truly the perfect match.

"Other Age" is a dating sim fit for those who would like to try a different kind of otome game. It might take a few attempts to complete the complex mini-game, but the colorful graphics and humorous dialogues make it amusing.


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