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Saturday, May 25, 2013 | 2 Thoughts

Otome Role-playing Games are rare but they are truly worth the playthrough. Although they do not have the attractive illustrations found in visual novels, the freedom to roam around and talk with NPCs are some of the popular features of this genre.

Title: Violet Princess and Frogs from the Fire Lake
Developer: Nekomura Games
Platform: PC (Mac, Linux, Windows)
Style: RPG
Playthrough: 1-2 hours
Cost: Free

The game revolves around the adventure that Violet Princess has decided to take.

A frog is invited by her father, the king of a small kingdom, for dinner to express his thankfulness for having been saved by this creature when he was lost in the forest. As a token of gratitude, the king is supposed to give the frog a shiny necklace; however, the princess wants it for herself.

The frog arrives in the dining hall, but the princess has decided to chase it away. Suddenly, an enormous bird comes and takes the poor creature. The princess is scolded by her mother who wishes to send a rescue team to find the frog. Annoyed, the heiress decides to journey throguh the forest alone, find the frog, and finally be able to "teach it some manners".

"Violet Princess" is a short game filled with all the RPG elements such as NPCs, quests, turn-based monster battle, consumable items and allies. The apprenticeship under a helpful witch and the final battle against the wizard are my favorite parts.

This is recommended for players who prefer a more adventurous and equally entertaining game.


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