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Saturday, March 16, 2013 | 4 Thoughts

The first, oldest, and finest maid cafe is Cure Maid. It is genuinely inspired by English mansions and the elegant tea lifestyle.

According to guests, the maids working at this cafe are all very polite and graceful at the same time. They wear long, frilly dresses that add up to the classy appeal of the interior. Customers who are into soothing classical music and prim-and-proper maid treatment would be delighted to "come home" to this cafe.

Location: Akihabara; 6th floor of Gee Store (東京都千代田区外神田3-15-5 ジーストア・アキバ6F)
Open: 11am - 8pm (Mondays - Thursdays); 11am - 10pm (Fridays and Saturdays); 11am - 7pm (Sundays and Holidays)
Gate charge: None (maximum stay of 2 hours)
Osusume (Recommended): This cafe has a wide variety of menu items ranging from pasta, to rice dishes, alcoholic drinks, sweets, and tea.
English menu is available.
They regularly have tie-ins with anime and video games; special menu items and cosplay events are to be expected during these collaborations. ^_^
The maids play classical music live on Saturdays from 7:20 to 9 in the evening.

Impressions: Goshujinsama-tachi and ojousama-tachi (masters and ladies of the house) who prefer a stylish and relaxing dining destination would enjoy their time here. It's the authentic majestic cafe for those who aspire to experience being pampered like a British royalty.

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